George Springall Homecare are continuously developing the company to ensure safe care is provided to our service users and to protect our care workers.
We invite all of the companies care workers to visit this page to access the latest company development updates.

Access People Planner - Domiciliary Care Software to be introduced in 2020



George Springall Homecare Partnership have made the decision to change our care management software to Access.

Access People Planner - Community (formerly People Planner) is a comprehensive home care management software. Bringing together employee management, client and funder management, planning and rostering, real-time monitoring, reconciliation, finance and payroll in one easy to use system.

Access offers the technology to intergrate full electronic Care Plans, building comprehensive care plans using industry-standard assessment forms, and keeping them up to date with real-time information. 

eMar instructs the carer to deliver the right medication at the right time, in either a care home setting or home care visit. Medication administration is therefore recorded accurately and alerts sent immediatley to the office when medication is missed. 


Carer staff receive prompts and instructions for which medications to give during each shift or visit.

eMar instructs care staff to record when medication has been administered or explain why it hasn’t using a reason code and notes.

Implementing Access will enable us to get a single view of our governance and quality assurance across multiple services. Securely communicate care plans, set automatic updates and alerts, and streamline communication with service users, family, health professionals and funders.

Scheduling and rostering


Assign the right staff to the right client using Google maps

Manage timesheets and rotas from any device

Drill down into information on a group and individual level

Easily and quickly reconcile your planned and actual visits

Client and funder management


Set up service funders and service users

Allocate service order to service funder

Upload documents such as care plans to service user file

Complete service user tasks to aid regulatory compliance

Employee management


Reports show all employees and the status of the tasks relating to them

Manage training and qualifications

Set employee availability and pay rates

Sickness and holiday management

Electronic Care Plans


Build comprehensive care plans using industry-standard assessment forms,

and keep them up to date with real-time information.

Build care plans easily

Create robust plans to meet each individual’s care and support needs.

Use industry-standard assessment forms or create bespoke forms to assess clients.

Based on your assessments, the software automatically calculates dependency and risk scores, identifies specific care requirements and creates care plans to meet those needs.

Complete assessments and create plans using your mobile device to allow clients or family members to be fully involved in the preparation of their care plan.

Control access to care plans for different members of staff.

Share important information in an easy-to-read summary, so carers can access each individual’s care needs and preferences, quickly and easily.

Up-to-date care plans

Keep care plans up to date with real-time information.

A single, detailed record for each client. Guarantee consistency and never have to duplicate information again.

Get real-time observations, risk assessments and incident reports and address any changes in care needs in care plans immediately.

Carers can see any changes to care plans as soon as they happen.

Set reminders to review plans and ensure they meet current needs.



Deliver the right medication at the right time, in either a care home setting or home care visit.
Record administration accurately and get alerts when medication is missed.

Deliver the right medication at the right time, in either a care home setting or home care visit.

Receive prompts and instructions to give medication.

Get prompts and instructions for which medications to give during each shift or visit.

Record when medication has been administered or explain why it hasn’t using a reason code and notes.

Set alerts for when medication is missed and choose when, how and who receives them.


Make managing eMar simple.

Create and view a full, accurate record of what’s been administered.


Reduce admin and errors with eMAR charts that update automatically whenever medication is given or not given.

Quickly view eMAR charts from any date range, and print or convert to pdf to share them.

Change a service user’s medication easily and securely.

Integration between your care company and pharmacy


Pharmacy eMessaging - Electronic messaging tools to increase efficiency in pharmacy communications.


PRN Management- Ensure that data entry is kept to a minimum and data integrity is high, with a direct interface into your pharmacy.

Easily keep track of medication stocks with inventory management tools and a direct interface with your pharmacy.

Care HR Administrator



Sophie Hart joins George Springall Homecare Partnership as Care HR Administrator.

We are delighted to inform you that the new position within the company Care HR Administrator has been successfully filled.


The Care HR Administrator is Sophie Hart and she will be starting her new role with the company Monday 3rd February 2020.


Sophie has a BSc (Hons) Social Work - University of Hertfordshire, Case Manager Health and Social Care and has years of Assistant Case Manager experience within the social services and care sectors.


Sophie will be responsible for all Care HR Administrative duties, CQC compliance, communicating with Health Care Professionals and will be working closely alongside Management, Senior Carers, Carers and Service Users within the community.


Sophie will be the new friendly voice that answers the office telephone from Monday and we look forward to you all meeting her either in the office or at the next team meeting.


We are confident that Sophie will be delighted to work with our highly renowned company. I wish that the whole staff will cooperate with her and show her the respect she deserves all the while trying to learn from her experience.

We hope she will guide you in future in a very good and approachable way.

We look forward to working with Sophie and developing her career further within the company.

Dominic Lane

Managing Director

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George Springall Homecare Partnership

was recently inspected by the CQC.
The CQC are the independent regulator

of health and social care in England.

George Springall Homecare Partnership
CQC Overall Rating
Read Full Report

George Springall Homecare Partnership was recently inspected by the CQC.
The CQC are the independent regulator of health and social care in England.
Visiting services is an important part of the CQC inspection process. It gives the CQC inspector the opportunity to talk to the Registered Manager, staff and people who use the service.
Carrying out site visits also allows the CQC to observe care and to look at people's records to see how their needs are managed.
There are five questions the CQC ask of all care services. They're at the heart of the way they regulate and they help the CQC to make sure we focus on the things that matter to people.
1.Are they safe?
2.Are they effective?
3.Are they caring?
4.Are they responsive to people's needs?
5.Are they well-led?
It is with great pride that we announce that we have been given a rating of Overall Outstanding!
This is an amazing achievement that you should all be extremely proud to be a part of.
Not only did we achieve Overall Outstanding but George Springall Homecare Partnership is only the second Homecare Agency in Oxfordshire to receive this rating! We are also the first Homecare Agency in Oxfordshire to ever receive the rating of Overall Outstanding on their first CQC inspection!
When we decided to register George Springall Homecare Partnership with the CQC it was our objective to make a difference and to offer the best care available in Oxfordshire. To receive a rating of Overall Outstanding has proven without doubt that we have met our objective and satisfied the CQC in all aspects of care and management.
We would like to thank Rachel Bird, our Executive Administrator, for her endless commitment and hard work towards being CQC compliant. Rachel has a passion for not only doing everything by the book but for the company itself! We are very thankful for everything she does.
We would like to thank all of the company's Seniors and Care Workers for continuously striving to deliver the best care available and for representing the company's values within the community. We would like to inform you that Caring under the CQC inspection was awarded Outstanding! We worked hard to present the evidence required to achieve this rating. Congratulations to all of you! You all deserve it!

All our company's and carer's hard work for the last year and a half and this amazing Outstanding rating honoured the memory of our beloved George Springall in the most wonderful way. I am sure he looks down on us smiling and if he was with us today he would be very proud of all of you.
The CQC will be releasing our Outstanding rating to the press and the official report will be published on the CQC website shortly.

Company Growth
Since the company has started George Springall Homecare were providing approx 300-400 hours of care per month.
As it stands in May 2017 George Springall Homecare are now providing 1400 hours of care per month this is an increase of approx 500 hours growth since December 2016.
Thank you to all our Care Workers for helping towards the growth of George Springall Homecare and to Roxane Schatara the Registered Manager for making this happen!


George Springall Homecare Partnership Expand And Move To New Offices

As from the morning of Tuesday, April 11th the office address for George Springall Homecare Partnership will change.
The new business address will be:
George Springall Homecare Partnership
John Eccles House
Robert Robinson Avenue
Oxford Science Park

George Springall Homecare Partnership 9.

The Oxford business centre can be found in a modern building at the eastern entrance to the city's renowned science park. The centre provides premium serviced offices in a building with striking tile and wooden exterior features and light-filled interior spaces. The science park was established to encourage science-based businesses and innovative companies. It has proved a magnet for biotech and IT companies, drawn to the area by the highly skilled workforce. The offices are close to Oxford's inner ring road, providing good connections to the city centre and the M40.


We would like to invite all care workers to visit the office when able to view the new office space.
Free tea and coffee facilities are available to all staff members along with free use of the business lounge.


All staff members are welcome to visit the office and work in a sociable environment with access to any of our shared co-working spaces with free wifi.


The decision to move offices is due to the growth of the business since my last report on the staff portal.
We feel that the time has come to expand and in doing so all of our staff members and service users will benefit.


Most entrepreneurs will tell you that the company they run today bears little resemblance to the company they started. Why is that? The answer is innovation, defined here as: changes made over time to critical parts of the business that improve the customer experience, and fortify the competitive advantage of the organization.


I would like to thank my Registered Manager and partner Roxane for all her hard work, professional work ethic, patience and dedication to the company.
Roxane is consistently improving every aspect of the company to support her staff and service users.

I would like to thank Rachel Bird our Executive Administrator for her hard work, dedication and enthusiasm to the company.
Rachel is responsible for everything behind the scene and supports Roxane every day with the running of the company.


Last but not least I would like to thank all of you! The companies reputation, professional conduct and high standards or care come down to all of you. Thank you for all of your hard work and passion to represent George Springall Homecare Partnership.


We look forward to greeting you at the new office and continuing to work together in the future.

Dominic Lane
Managing Director

Company Growth
Since the company has started George Springall Homecare were providing approx 300-400 hours of care per month.
As it stands in December 2016 George Springall Homecare are now providing 900 hours of care per month.

This is a fantastic growth of care provision within a 12 month period. The company still has a large capacity for further growth and this will be one of our main priorities for the year 2017.


Financial Services
Here at George Springall Homecare we understand the importance of having a reliable cash flow and financial management.

In a fluctuating economic climate, it can be difficult to know what lies ahead for your business, despite your best efforts to plan. At George Springall Homecare we have in place funding solutions for whatever our business circumstance.

So if we need assistance freeing up our cash flow, managing late payment, handling a potential bad debt we have a solution to help.



CQC Compliance

We believe in providing safe and effective care for our service users.
Since the company began we have introduced Care Planner Software which is a cloud based staff rostering, care management and finance system that automates time consuming domiciliary care processes whilst reinforcing CQC compliance.


Constant monitoring the care provision through our Care Planner Software means that we can ensure a safe service for our clients and staff. Even more, the use of our internal management systems result in a well lead and efficient home care service. We are constantly working on all aspects of compliance through up to date policies and procedures, staff training, operations data processing and monitoring.